You are not alone. Many people are speaking out and insisting the Catholic Church take concrete steps to address sexual abuse by priests and the long history of cover-up by Church officials.

1. John - Articles and Interviews

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London Free Press

Randy Richmond interviews John Swales

Article: September 14, 2018

The Catholic Register

Michael Swan interviews John Swales

Article: September 13, 2018

CBC Ontario Today

Pope begs forgiveness: Does it make a difference? Listen as John Swales, abused by a priest, and psychologist Peter Jaffe reflect on the church's response to child sex abuse.

Podcast: Aug 21, 2018

John Swales responds to the Pope's letter

Interview: August 20 2018

2. Survivors and Friends Videos & Podcasts

Warning - some interviews contain graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. SEE **


NPR Activist Nun Responds to Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal

Aug 25, 2018

CTV News

Mark Healy speaks out about sexual abuse by a priest in Ireland. 

 Aug 23, 2018 **

Supporters for Irene Deschenes deliver a letter to the Bishop asking the Church to stop fighting her in Court and instead use the money for lawyers to support her healing process.

December 12, 2018

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John Delaney responds to the Pope's letter August 20 2018

Sean Dougherty responds to the Pope's letter August 20 2018

Survivors speak out as the Pennsylvania Attorney General releases the report of 300 predator priests. August 15, 2018

NPR podcast with Sinead O Connor in 2010 speaking about sex abuse by priests and her SNL call for action in 1992.







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